Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Cetaphil Cleanser Review

Salam , 
        I like to review about cetaphil that based drugstore product. I had being using this cleanser about 2 month without stop. What i like about this,is because it make my face without feel tight or dry. My skin feels fresh and smooth. You can wet your face prior to applying the cleanser , but ' that's my way to apply.  For this moments the cleanser is perfect for my normal to dry skin , so soft and smooth. It didn't dry my skin. Other than that, what i like is because this is very inexpensive product & it takes a long time, to go through the bottle.Buying it isn't much of risk , if u dont really like it. I really recommend you try it out for price (the small bottle is less than Rm 21 ** depend where u live)  .If want u get the trial version go to their website /free sample.You also can get it from watson or guardian. We all know some product must have some pros an cons. 


Pros :
 1.  Effectively cleanses skin 

1. Contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which can potentially irritate sensitive skin.
2. Not adept at removing makeup.

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