Monday, 7 March 2016

Life isn't easy as ABC

Salam . 

 Life isn't easy as ABC cuz there are many challenges , ups and downs. Try tp be postive as u can cuz when u start to think postive ur self -esteem can rise into high confidene. To an idea that there is a such thing a beauty . Beauty can't speak or think negative. It's just beautiful :).Please no matter what y do , never back to what broke u . ( Remind to my self) heheh.. As i grow up, i see that my destiny (impian lorh )may be delayed, but it can be changed :) in sha allah . Some time i cired to my self , what happen to me . lost, nothing .....but alhamdulilah i never lack of "rezeki" . Alhamdulilah . My path is not easy as other person , but still worth it . I still remember that, a few years ago , i almost ruined my life , thanks GOD, n person that save me ! The fact that i now have to be take full responsibility for my self, famliy  eventho sometimes i too childish hehhe .Life is not easy, but we all have to do what we have to do.  Looking back i realize that growing up my life was pretty  ! if i really plan for the future.This is my journey will be worth it as long i can handle the demand. AMIN :D

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