Tuesday, 29 March 2016

2 Month

Salam , 
2 Month from now , sad or happy? So sad to leave beautiful .. place ..maybe ..yes maybe not huhu. Not place what i tried to mean , but the course (Programming) .After this  maybe, i need to find a new path .. become logisctian maybe. I dont think so . The decision was anything but easy and straightforward, but nevertheless ended up being the absolute right choice in the long run. I ddin't think that i can be a good programmer or teacher in it, I just such a losser person :(, Feel really down!Since it’simpossible to do , I had to choose either one . Last week , i have met my future cousin (fiancee), who is programmer for one of top company in malaysia . I wish i can be like her. Their family cousin most welcome me .. :) Feel blessing. One of his "makcik" also one of top in petronas .. I just feel empty and stupid eventho , they can accept me how i am. I feel ashamed , cuz i just no body ..still jobsleessss after my intership. (Itulah hang p berhenti dgree buat pa)-i told to my self ..deep in my heart(ni ceq cerita bukan nk menunjuk, i just  talk to my self..that i need to bee a part of them . I hope my resume that will acceptable, from "future" employer.Less than month also, need to say good bye "Programming world, good bye it," in sha allah until we meet again .Maybe after 3.6.2016 last day that i see u . AMin ...my there a star for everthing.

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