Tuesday, 29 March 2016

2 Month

Salam , 
2 Month from now , sad or happy? So sad to leave beautiful .. place ..maybe ..yes maybe not huhu. Not place what i tried to mean , but the course (Programming) .After this  maybe, i need to find a new path .. become logisctian maybe. I dont think so . The decision was anything but easy and straightforward, but nevertheless ended up being the absolute right choice in the long run. I ddin't think that i can be a good programmer or teacher in it, I just such a losser person :(, Feel really down!Since it’simpossible to do , I had to choose either one . Last week , i have met my future cousin (fiancee), who is programmer for one of top company in malaysia . I wish i can be like her. Their family cousin most welcome me .. :) Feel blessing. One of his "makcik" also one of top in petronas .. I just feel empty and stupid eventho , they can accept me how i am. I feel ashamed , cuz i just no body ..still jobsleessss after my intership. (Itulah hang p berhenti dgree buat pa)-i told to my self ..deep in my heart(ni ceq cerita bukan nk menunjuk, i just  talk to my self..that i need to bee a part of them . I hope my resume that will acceptable, from "future" employer.Less than month also, need to say good bye "Programming world, good bye it," in sha allah until we meet again .Maybe after 3.6.2016 last day that i see u . AMin ...my there a star for everthing.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Thayers Lavender With Hazel & Rose Petal Review

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The actual Label & Packaging

Mine , Just use it half way :D ,

Salam ,
   Hai today is good weekend (saturday) at this moment already 10.26 am (form my lappy timer's). I would like to share my thought about Thayers Lavendar With Hazel * Rose Petal. I had being using it, almost 3 month ,but sometimes switch with other toner brands such as (Mary Kay mineral water). In sha allah i will  post about Mary Kay Brand .Thanks god cuz i have a normal -> dry skin, nothing horrible. Sometimes, i had some redness during my (PMS). hehehe.Ok back to this toner during a period that I was having a few sleepless nights as well and I noticed that it helped with the puffiness beneath my eyes. I always moisturize as the final step of my skin care routine. I love the smell of roses so the scent doesn't bother me and it fades shortly after anyway. However, some people may not fancy the smell of it, especially people who ain't fans of rosy scents. It was also an added plus point that there was Vit E and rose water loaded into this toner. U know that the packging already change . OH!!!! my i need to buy new bottle once i finish mine :D.  It also helped to tighten my pores, which is great ! What I loved was that it made my skin look brighter and smoother after cleansing. hehe . That all from me :D .I heard MUJI toner also good , need to try that baby .

Can u see how adorable ???

Monday, 7 March 2016

Life isn't easy as ABC

Salam . 

 Life isn't easy as ABC cuz there are many challenges , ups and downs. Try tp be postive as u can cuz when u start to think postive ur self -esteem can rise into high confidene. To an idea that there is a such thing a beauty . Beauty can't speak or think negative. It's just beautiful :).Please no matter what y do , never back to what broke u . ( Remind to my self) heheh.. As i grow up, i see that my destiny (impian lorh )may be delayed, but it can be changed :) in sha allah . Some time i cired to my self , what happen to me . lost, nothing .....but alhamdulilah i never lack of "rezeki" . Alhamdulilah . My path is not easy as other person , but still worth it . I still remember that, a few years ago , i almost ruined my life , thanks GOD, n person that save me ! The fact that i now have to be take full responsibility for my self, famliy  eventho sometimes i too childish hehhe .Life is not easy, but we all have to do what we have to do.  Looking back i realize that growing up my life was pretty  ! if i really plan for the future.This is my journey will be worth it as long i can handle the demand. AMIN :D

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Salam .....

      I think  not only me that excited manage to have lipgloss of all time . Yes I am talking about NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream . Every girl  that really makeup junkie, is raving about this all of the time.  4 month , ago i just bought 3  from 15 thier lines (Antewrp, Athnes  & Zurich ) . I heard it is sold out in Sephora (Malaysia) , and the price costs RM 30 , ( actual price is RM 25) . Huge big markup for me . Byfar this is the most reach product that i use for daily basis, especially in shade (Zurich). I go my from IG shop called @makeupbysya (pre order), u can check out also @a.m.a.z.i.n.c , @cakefaceconfession_ or dsahara. Some product may has pros an cons .

Pros about this proudct :
1)  Highly pigmented 
2) Various of range colour.
3) Very lighweight texture
4) Transfer-proof
5) Cute Packaging

Cons about this product:
1) Goes on streaky while applying
Credit to : http://dailyvanity.sg/news/beauty-bargain-nyx-cosmetics/
2) Without a balm, it will settle in fine lines 
3) These are super matte lip creams so please make sure your lips in good condition ( or ur lips like granny lips ).